About Me

Sarah Rutledge Fischer is a figurative artist living and working in Fairhope, AL.  With little in the way of formal arts education, Sarah has acquired most of her post-secondary arts education working side by side with other artists in community center classes and figure study groups.

The human figure is at the core of Sarah's work, and her figures rarely relax into passive objectification. The characters in Sarah's work come to the page with a story to tell, each seeking an audience of its own.  In recent exhibitions, she has been pleased to discover a community of people who are eager to connect with these stories and characters.

In commission work, Sarah has the honor of telling her clients' stories.  She has worked with nursing mothers to capture the intimate bond between mother and child.  She has created portraits for women facing mastectomy--portraits honoring the pre-surgery body as well as those celebrating the post-surgical form.