The Power of Public Art

I am honored to be featured, along with my mural for Fairhope Brewing Company, in today's The New York Times article about my beautiful town, Fairhope, AL.

When I first sat down with Jim and Brian to discuss the possibility of a mural on the front of the Fairhope Brewing Company production facility, I presented a bulleted list of potential benefits to the company.  Along with other benefits, I suggested that the mural would "enhance FBC's branding and public identity," "create a highly visible landmark, making the taproom and patio much easier for customers to find," and "provide a visually interesting photo opportunity for regional and national press."

Over the past two years, the community and tourists alike have embraced our beautiful oak tree mural, and the Brewery has seen all of these benefits come to fruition, culminating in today's most impressive national mention.

An investment in public art is truly an investment in a meaningful future.  If you have a building with a big blank wall, I still have openings this year, and I'd love to help you plan and execute something worthy of national attention.  Let's talk.


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