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The Power of Public Art

The Power of Public Art

I am honored to be featured, along with my mural for Fairhope Brewing Company, in today's The New York Times article about my beautiful town, Fairhope, AL.

When I first sat down with Jim and Brian to discuss the possibility of a mural on the front of the Fairhope Brewing Company production facility, I presented a bulleted list of potential benefits to the company . . . .

A Gift of Light and Shadow

A Gift of Light and Shadow

Six years ago, I was a little more than a year into law practice at a large, top tier firm in Southern California. It was a terrible fit, but I was deeply invested. I had done well at Duke law school, and being offered a job with this firm was a great achievement. My husband and I had long planned to move back to his home state of California, and taking the job made it easy to undertake the cross-country move and the drastic change in cost of living.


Their Gravity, Acrylic, 2017

The Importance of Orange

I'm taking a class on creative thought, and this week the instructor asked us to focus on our one favorite color. 

One color, I thought. Just one? I love so many vibrant greens, deep dusky blues, fiery oranges, and bold yellows.  How could I choose one?  
But then she described it as the color you would grab in a house fire, and a voice in my head said very clearly, “orange.”  In fact it said it over and over every time the phrase came up.  House fire?  Orange.  Only rescue one color?  Orange.  Undeniably, unreservedly orange.  

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